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  • P.A. Stolypin – the Governor of Saratov
3rd floor, room № 19
Memorial collection of P.A. Stolypin (1862-1911), an outstanding statesman, the Governor of Saratov in 1903-1906.
3rd floor, room № 6
Aviation and space flights, Yu. Gagarin’s memorial collection.
  • Men of science and culture and the Saratov Region
2nd floor, room № 30
The exhibits, some of them unique, were collected in 1960-1990ties. They tell of the distinguished scientists, inventors, writers, artists, musicians and actors somehow associated with the Saratov region.
  • To the history of the Volga Germans
2nd floor, room № 31
The unique exhibits represent the ethnographic items collected in the twenties of the XX century. They are pertinent to the history of the Germans who settled down in Russia at the behest of Katherine the Great in the XVIII century.
The lobby of the first floor, the landing between the 2nd and the 3rd floor.
The exhibition is dedicated to the 120-th anniversary of the Saratov Regional Museum of Local Lore founded by the Saratov Scientific Archive Board in 1886. The documents and the exhibits presented reveal the efforts of the museum staff aimed at shaping and preservation of the collections.
2nd floor, room № 21
Saratov in early XX century.